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I'm a Cleveland, Ohio- based freelance journalist, writing on business, entrepreneurial, and eco-friendly topics.
I'm a Pittsburgh native, and graduated from Mercyhurst College in Erie, Pennsylvania. I've lived in Cleveland since 1984.
An avid reader, I have the opportunity to lead two business book discussion groups. One occurs at Lakewood Library, located in Lakewood, Ohio. (The institution was named the Number One library for its categorical size by the Hennen Library Association in 2006).
The second book club originates this fall at the Key Entrepreneur Development Center, a division of Cuyahoga Community College.
Some people think business books are heavy on theory. I view most as providing practical information. Many contain golden nuggets of life truths hidden amongst their text, awaiting your discovery and reflection.
Who can deny that the United States has undergone radical changes over the last twenty years? This transformation will continue for decades to come.
We're now living in a perpetual global economy, with new operational rules. Yet, I believe many Americans continue to embrace a defunct success model.
Opportunity exists for those who develop an entrepreneurial mindset, even if employed by someone else-regardless of age. Realize too, that we often have more power in any given situation than we tend to claim.
I've gone "green" over the last year or so, attuned to the mounting evidence of man's absolute need to unite with nature for our survival.
It's with these sentiments, and belief that we can all learn from one another, that I invite visitors to read and comment on my business, entrepreneurial and eco-friendly musings, as I begin my Blogosphere odyssey........